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From Having A Boss To Being The Boss
Launch Your Online Business in 12 Days
From Having A Boss To Being The Boss

Everything about starting a business has changed. Gone are the days of 10-page business plans and extensive financial reports.

Now you can start an online business with very little money. How, you ask? The answers are in this book.

You can start by offering a product or skill you already have. The online business market is available to anyone worldwide.

Sabrina Norman takes you by the hand and guides you through the process. She not only tells you what to do she shows you how to navigate each step. Everything from starting an LLC or Corporation to creating your business website.

   5 Simple Things You Need to Start Your Online Business:

  1. An idea you are excited about
  2. A computer or laptop
  3. A minimal monetary investment
  4. A ‘stick to it attitude’
  5. And this book

That’s it. You can be your own boss. This is where you begin.

      Go From Having a Boss to Being the Boss in 12 days.